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Golf Course Records

Bay Club

Bay Club East
Jared Goslee, 65
Bay Club West
Jeff Dayton, 64

Bay Creek Resort & Club

Palmer Course
Zach Pfingst, PGA 64
Nicklaus Course
Zach Pfingst, PGA 67

Bayside Resort

(M) Eric Onesi, 68
(F) Sandy Scitti, 75

Baywood Greens

Mark Cherwein, 68
Gr. Peter Barron, 65
Blk. Kyle Davis, 69
Gold. Andrew Geter, 68

Bear Trap Dunes

Neil Maurer, 62
Kodiak/Black Bear
Jeff Marr, 62
Black Bear/Grizzly
Neil Maurer, 64

Chester River

Warren West, 63

Cripple Creek

Christina Vosters, 69
Sean Fishbeck, 66

Deer Run

Steve Menz, 62

Eagles Landing

Jared Goslee, 68

Easton Club

Mark Cherwien, 68

Eastern Shore Yacht & Country Club

Jeff Shield, 63


Jim Furyk, 66

Great Hope

Ben Schubert, 66

Green Hill

Mitch Wyatt, 63


Tom Smack, 62

John Mlynarski IV, 63

Heritage Shores

Mike Chanaud, 67
Mike Rushin, 67

Hog Neck

Fred Funk, 62

Hunters Oak

Drew Mlynarski, 64

Kings Creek

Anthony Apostolico, 64

Lighthouse Sound

Ryan MacDonald, 62


John Boston, 64

Nutters Crossing

Mitch Myatt, 61

Ocean City Golf Club

Seaside Course
Evan Hileman, 65

Newport Bay
Terry Hatch, 61

Ocean Pines

Billy Casper, 65

Ocean Resorts

Dana Cooper, 65

The Peninsula

Brian Cooper, 68

Prospect Bay

Stu Warner, 67

Queenstown Harbor

Brian Carneal, 65

Rehoboth Beach CC

Ben Crenshaw, 64
Ed Brown, 64

River Marsh at Hyatt Cambridge

Evan Tracy, 64

River Run

Dennis Winters, 63


Zac Oakley, 61

Rum Pointe

Neil Maurer, 64

South River

Kyle Gibson, 67

Talbot Country Club

Male Adult
Will Shannaman, 65
Charlie Kennerly
Age 13, Shot 66

US Naval Academy Golf Club

Billy Hurley, 58

Wild Quail

Mike Rushin, 63
Chris Wisler, 63

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